Why Exercise Matters

Many people with Parkinson’s hold the belief that you have to set aside an hour each day to do hot and sweaty workouts. Some people like exercising the hot and sweaty way. Most do not. So, most people do not exercise regularly.

Exercise does not have to be a big deal to help you feel better. One to two minutes of exercise each day can make a huge difference. Of course, the more the better, but exercising a little each day will help. For a little investment you get a magnificent return. If you are determined to get relief from your symptoms, this deal is too good to turn down.

How do I know this? The research shows a little bit goes a long way. Most doctors put exercise near the top of their list of recommendations for people with the symptoms of Parkinsons.

Make it a habit to do the exercises that are offered here. Take  advantage of the best deal in town. The exercises take only two minutes out of your day. Take a break on the weekends. I fully realize that you likely already have a solid exercise routine. The exercises posted here will likely challenge you to stretch and challenge neglected muscles.

Best of all, you have a very good chance of feeling better after a tiny bit of physical effort. We are talking here only 2 minutes a day. That is what the research reveals. Give it a trial run.

Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
Parkinsons Recovery

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